Consulting Services
"Rubber Industry Help Desk" (RIHD) is a special consulting service offered by TechnoBiz for the rubber industries around the world. RIHD has a team of international experts and specialists on rubber processing to provide advisory services for the interested rubber companies. This service is subscription-based. Companies must register as corporate members. Members can benefit from consulting service in the following areas:
# Troubleshooting of Process Problems
# Rubber Compound Formulation Design
# Rubber Product Design
# Mold Design
# Rubber Molding
# Rubber Mixing
# Rubber Extrusion
# Adhesion of Rubber

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RMP is a unique program offered through TechnoBiz for the Rubber Industry focusing on rubber molding and rubber molding processes. The program combines process audit, process improvement guidance and training process team. This program will be offered for individual companies as well as group of companies located in the same area. The program will be conducted by international recognized rubber molding expert, Mr. Van Walworth, USA with 35+ years experience in the rubber molding process.

Program Focus: Compression Molding, Transfer Molding, Injection Molding, Vacuum Molding, Wasteless Molding, Flashless Molding, Process Troubleshooting, Mold Design, Mold Fouling, Process Assessment, Rubber to Metal Bonding, Over-Molding Issues, Preforms, Finishing, Cryogenics, Die Cutting, Cellular Manufacturing, Press Design, Automation, Operator Assist Devices, Rapid Prototyping, Design for Manufacturing.

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